About Us

M-Tool is a specialist in high quality tools and garage equipment. M-Tool has provided a wide range of products to a variety of customers over 5 years. Throughout this time, M-Tool has gained extensive experience in supplying equipment to transport and industrial workshops across the Northeast area and the rest of the UK. M-tool are proud to say that our customers have ranged from small garages and workshops to rally car teams.

M-Tool is a supplier of tools from all leading brands which include, Welzh Werkzeug, Boxo, PowerHand, Irwin, Knipex, Omega, and Hurricane lifting equipment just to name a few.


We have a range of automotive diagnostic equipment from brands such as Launch and Autel. You will be able to see what M-Tool have to offer and browse our Facebook and Online Shop.

We are able to provide a huge variety of products including Garage & Workshop, Bodyshop, Engineering and Vehicle Service Tools. 

We also offer a fortnightly tool van service, with a local rep who carrys a selection of stock, throughout the Northeast area.